Clinical Professionals are able to offer two unique services to all of our candidates, at every level of experience throughout our sectors. ‘CV Diagnostic’ and ‘Career Clinic’ are both free of charge and can be booked by calling +44 (0) 118 959 4990 and quoting ‘Career Clinic’.

CV Diagnostic

‘CV Diagnostic’ gives candidates a personalised review of their current CV. Our consultants will then ‘fine tune’ the CV to maximise its effectiveness. If a candidate is applying for a specific vacancy their CV will undergo further tailoring to strengthen its focus towards the role specification in order to optimise the impact of their application.

Career Clinic

‘Career Clinic’ is a consultation service offered to all candidates, providing assistance with career guidance in both the short and the long-term. Our consultants will begin by evaluating each candidate’s industry experience to date, taking a full brief not only of their current scope of responsibility but also of their long-term preferences and ambitions. Our consultant will then provide a detailed outline of options and career paths available to them and the most effective way in which they can achieve their career ambitions.



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