CCRA Affiliate Membership is Now Live and Available to our Contractors and Freelancers

CCRA_LogoThe Clinical and Contract Research Association have recently announced the launch of their Affiliate Membership. The membership is aimed at freelancers and contract workers within the clinical research industry. By being part of a trade organisation they will have a voice to aid in shaping the future of the industry whilst widening the recognition of their profession.

The CCRA set up the membership after recognising that shortage in particular skills is the biggest threat to the clinical trials industry within the UK. To combat this, CCRA have been instrumental in developing and releasing the CRA Gold Standard from Cogent Skills, the UK’s strategic body for skills based within the science industries, and is currently developing the accredited Trainer Standard. This will then eventually have chartered status for a formal recognition of the profession. Continue reading

CEO Yvette Cleland Elected to Join APSCo Committee

yvette_clelandClinical Professionals are delighted to announce that our CEO Yvette Cleland has been elected to join the APSCo Representative Committee.

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) was formed in 2009 to give all firms involved in the recruitment of professional talent that have a commitment to excellence, the specialist support and distinctive voice they need to be successful. It gives candidates and employers a trusted badge of quality whilst providing member firms with an innovative range of services designed for them by recruitment experts.

APSCo has recently announced its new Representative Committee members who will take responsibility for shaping the strategy and direction of APSCo over the next two years. Nominations were open to any member director and after a heated election campaign taking place over the past two months.

The committee is comprised of fourteen staffing company representatives, one affiliate member, and three APSCo permanent committee members.

The members of the committee will play a critical role in making sure that APSCo’s strategy and business plans are focused on the requirements of members and support the best interests of the recruitment profession.

This Representative Membership will enable Clinical Professionals to be at the forefront in driving progression and future development within the Recruitment Industry, in particular for Life Sciences.

“I feel very privileged to be voted onto APSCo representative committee and I look forward to working more closely with such an exceptional trade association and industry both of which I am proud to be part of.” Yvette Cleland, CEO of Clinical Professionals.

Clinical Professionals is Europe’s leading Life Sciences staffing business that place exceptional candidates in the globes leading pharma, biotech and med tech organisations and working at close hand with the many emerging SME Life Sciences companies in the UK and Europe.

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Are You Being Paid Enough?

Salary survey 2016 buttonIn our 2016 Life Science Salary Survey, we have discovered that a staggering 48% of UK respondents believe that their salary does not reflect their current career level. Although the majority believed otherwise, it still shows significant discord and lack of confidence in salaries within the Life Science sector.

Many workers, not just those within the life science sector, will question their current salary at regular intervals, often wondering if they amount of responsibility they have is reflected in their current pay grade. Although the most common time of year people will ponder this notion is within the new year. With all the media channels touting “New Year, New Me” people often look to make a drastic change within their lifestyle out of fear of stagnating and becoming inactive either physically, mentally or in their career. Undoubtedly the most motivating factor for a job related change is of course money, but in many cases employees lack the knowledge and/or confidence to take the plunge.

piggy-bankWhatever the situation it is best to consider your motivations, such as career progression or gaining more experience. As previously stated, money is quite often a “make or break” factor within a job but is often overlooked when the salary allows the employee to live within their means. Which begs the question “Are you paid enough?”.

Recognising the need to compare salaries within the Life Sciences industry, Clinical professionals first began creating a salary survey guide back in 2002 as a way for candidates to assess current pay and benefits, by comparing several different factors to determine if the salary and benefits package is appropriate for experience levels, location and position within the sector.

For instance, 46% of UK Clinical Research and QA/QC respondents believed their salary accurately reflected their pay grade and just over 30% of Clinical Research respondents received a bonus within their benefits package.

Reg_salary_surveyMeanwhile 49% of UK Regulatory Affairs candidates believe their salary was appropriate for their level, whilst only 30% of those working in Europe thought their salary reflected their level.

Many of the other sectors featured in our salary survey tell a similar story, which reinforces the notion that there is a lot of doubt as to what salary is appropriate for particular levels within the different sectors.

The salary survey also looks at the SBSP for each individual sector and the life sciences industry as a whole. For those unaware the SBSP (salary banding switch point) is the ideal salary for career satisfaction.

This year the overall SBSP was £52k, a £3k rise compared to last year, although this is reflective of the rises in SBSP’s across all the sectors within our survey. This is likely to be an indication of a healthy industry paying more to roles on average, causing the amount to increase due to inflation as opposed to a decrease in the industry’s satisfaction levels.

The majority of Life Science across all sectors are expecting a pay rise next year, for instance 76% in Clinical Research believe they will receive a salary increase, whilst this was 91% in the Regulatory Affairs sector, despite less than 50% Regulatory candidates believing they do not receive enough money for their role.

Despite the lack of confidence in salaries it is clear that many in the Life Science sector believe they will get a pay rise in the next 12 months. Thereby leading to a need of negotiating, which is where our 2016 Life Science Salary Survey can provide assistance by acting as evidence for any claims relating to appropriate pay or benefits.

surveysIf you would like to assess your value within your company and how you compare to the industry as a whole, please click the link below to fill in your details for a complimentary copy of our latest salary guide:

Clinical Professionals is Europe’s leading life science recruitment company. We are industry specialists, recruiting for life science jobs, and providing specialist outsourcing solutions through our CP Functional Service Provision (FSP).

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Clinical Professionals to attend the DIA 28th Annual EuroMeeting

DIAClinical Professionals will be exhibiting at the DIA Annual EuroMeeting on stand B10 in Hamburg on April 6th to 8th.

The DIA is a global forum for exchanging knowledge to encourage innovation that will raise the level of health and wellbeing across the world. It was first founded in 1964 as a neutral global membership association with the aim to improve communications and collaboration within drug development not only through conferences such as the EuroMeeting but also through community interaction and online courses. Continue reading

Clinical Professionals has been Shortlisted for Recruiter Awards 2016!

Recruiter AwardsWe are proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for the category “Innovation in Recruitment” at the 2016 Recruiter Awards!

The Recruiter Awards is an annual event that was first established in 2002 and is the UK’s largest event for the entire recruitment industry. It recognises best practise from in-house teams and agencies and also looks at the use of marketing and technology to successfully achieve objectives. The entrants are awarded on a set of criteria that include quality of service, effectiveness, profitability and financial stability.

This year the event will be held at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Wednesday 4th of May.

The category recognises outstanding innovation by an employer’s staff recruitment team that has led to an achievement of strategic business goals. This year we entered with our ground breaking Training Academy.

The Training Academy provides a fully funded program for life science graduates facilitating their entry into the Life Sciences market. As a staffing business we understand we must always bring additional value to our clients and the industry that we serve.

We first launched this initiative at the end of 2014 as a service to the life science industry within the UK with the aim to address the lack of newly trained candidates to fill the vast amount of vital entry level roles within the industry.

Graduates take part in an intensive, 22 modular, 2-week course. To ensure that only the highest calibre of candidates participate in the training there is a rigorous selection process involving screening, telephone interviews and an assessment day.

graduate_academyThe Training Academy is designed to equip graduates with extensive knowledge of the Clinical Research Industry and provide an overview of the CRA role. The classroom aspect is delivered over the two weeks and involves lecture style training, workshops, role play and discussion forums.


Our latest installment has been deemed a great success by graduates and trainers alike and we look forever to conducting our next Academy in April. If you are interested, you can find more information here.

We look forward to attending the Recruiter Awards in London, fingers crossed we will have yet another award to go alongside the APSCo Innovator of the year award 2015 that will further help cement our goals and pride in our Training Academy.

Clinical Professionals is Europe’s leading Life Sciences staffing business that place exceptional candidates in the globes leading pharma, biotech and med tech organisations and working at close hand with the many emerging SME Life Sciences companies in the UK and Europe.

The Clinical Professionals Group strive to provide candidates and clients alike with an excellent, specialist approach to their life sciences job search and staffing needs whilst constantly aiming to improve the job search experience. Along with many other services.

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We are Proud to Announce MedComms Professionals Website is now Live!

medcomms_pro_homepageAs the Medical Communications industry grows we created our site for dedicated MedComms professionals to not only look for their next career opportunity but to provide the latest advice and news on the industry, whilst also having some fun in the process.

medcommspro_blogThe website features:

MedComms Professionals Director Sarah Goddard Commented:

“Having had a successful 2 years building a separate brand for MedComms Professionals based on client and candidate demand, alongside our Clinical Professionals sister company, we are delighted to announce the official launch of our website. It will be full of information on our sector, market feedback, salary survey information, our live job roles, junior assessment centre updates, best freelancers & candidates, and packed full of fun for our dynamic and charismatic med comms market! It will also have our blog posts and newsletter uploaded for you to review – come take a look and get involved in our fantastic journey!”

medcommspro_newsletterMedComms Professionals is a Pan-European life sciences staffing business dedicated to the Medical Communications sector. As part of the Clinical Professionals Group, we specialise in sourcing professional jobs across a variety of disciplines within the Medical Communications job market.

Opportunities Include:

  • Medical Writer, Senior Medical Writer and Medical Writing Managers / Directors
  • Copywriters
  • Editorial Specialists up to Director level
  • Account Executive, Managers /Directors
  • Client Services Managers / Directors
  • Scientific Managers / Directors
  • Graphic Designers and Advertising Specialists
  • Line Managers
  • Executive level appointments

We also provide an innovative MedComms Professionals Assessment Centre, that assesses the writing, presenting and leadership capabilities of those who attend, with a view to securing talented individuals their first job in industry. As market leaders we also are best placed to offer guidance around salaries (ask about our fantastic salary guide), market information/feedback, and give CV/interview coaching.


If you are interested in any of our services or would like more information relating to Medical Communications positions, please contact our team on 0118 9522 792 or email

You can also connect to us socially: