In times of intense staffing need within large companies, or in order to cover a temporary requirement for an experienced recruitment professional within smaller organisations, Clinical Professionals are able to offer a fully outsourced Recruitment Process Management service.

Clinical Professionals Recruitment Process Management (RPM) solution offers employers cost savings, improved time to hire ratios and enhanced staffing processes. Our consultative solution is built around our in depth industry knowledge and augmented by a highly skilled virtual staffing solutions team. Recruitment Process Management solutions can range from long-term in house provision or be based on a project or pilot basis. Our solutions are designed to be bespoke for each customer and go beyond the placement to examine the long term effectiveness and retention of hires.

Our approach to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) includes:

  • Improved processes
  • Identifying and implementing process improvements throughout the staffing cycle. This results in reduced staffing cycle times and improved service levels. Often this is supported by on site staff with web based software
  • Saving costs
  • Expert assessment of candidates ensuring greater retention rates
  • Time and effort cost savings for the hiring managers, Human Resources and Finance teams, brought about by streamlined processes, reporting, training and support.  Increased Internal Resources
  • Outsourcing of recruitment processes releases internal resources for core business building activities

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