Printing and Paper – Sustainable Use

We endeavour to ensure that our marketing flyers and leaflets, business cards, and external mail correspondence are produced on paper which either utilises recycled materials or uses pulp sourced from sustainable forests.

At Clinical Professionals we always seek to keep paper-based printing to an absolute minimum. In addition all paper waste that is created within our offices is recycled through ‘green bin schemes’, with all used paper and cardboard sent for recycling at our closest amenities.

Similarly, we aim to limit our printer ink usage. Furthermore, all used ink cartridges are recycled though charitable organisations and schemes working within the local community at each of our offices.

Green Travel

We encourage our employees to use public transport, cycle or simply walk to our offices. We avoid travelling by air wherever possible. As a company we are particularly supportive of cyclists, and encourage the use of this green mode of transport through our employee Ride to Work Scheme. This programme provides financial assistance to those wishing to invest in cycling equipment through loans for cycle purchase and tax relief on all kit and related item bought. For further information on our Ride to Work Scheme please do consult

Long-Term Policy

Clinical Professionals are dedicated to the implementation of a ‘common sense’ environmental policy based upon simple yet highly effective changes; conserving energy and natural resources wherever possible, and offsetting or recycling whenever the latter is not an option. We are committed to the reduction of our environmental footprint not only now, but in the long-term too.

European Server

Clinical Professionals EU website is hosted in Europe with datadock.

With the best PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) value of 1.21 datadock is the most energy-saving and eco-friendly data centre in Europe.

The datadock is situated in the port area of Strasbourg.

At present there is no other data center in Europe with less power overhead. Normally more than 60% of the energy, which is needed for operating the IT (servers, storage etc.), has to be added for operating the data centre infrastructure (especially the climate system). At datadock, however, the overhead only amounts to 21%.



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