At Clinical Professionals our specialist pharmacovigilance team is solely focused on matching talented pharmacovigilance employees to relevant drug safety and pharmacovigilance jobs within pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical service companies across Europe and the UK.

According to PIPA, the Pharmaceutical Information and Pharmacovigilance Association, pharmacovigilance is a highly specialised branch of pharmaceutics which focuses on:

Identifying the adverse effects of pharmaceutical drugs
Assessing the risks and benefits of medicines
Determining ways to improve the safety of certain drugs
Providing information to users on using medicines safely and correctly
Monitoring the effects of any changes made on pharmaceuticals

Because pharmacovigilance is so specialised, many companies provide separate pharmacovigilance / drug safety jobs for pharmacovigilance professionals.

Clinical Professionals’ pharmacovigilance recruiters handle an entire spectrum of pharmacovigilance jobs across Europe, including:

Pharmacovigilance officer and assistant jobs for database entry, tracking and compliance
Drug safety scientist jobs
Coordinators and case-processing specialist pharmacovigilance jobs
Senior pharmacovigilance associate jobs for handling Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSURs)
Senior manager and director pharmacovigilance jobs for the strategic planning of pharmacovigilance departments, implementation of new systems and line management

The consultants on our Drug Safety / Pharmacovigilance team are members of PIPA and attend the Association’s Annual Conferences and seminars. Our consultants stay abreast of the current industry issues within pharmacovigilance, to optimise our knowledge, and provide valuable advice and assistance to pharmacovigilance jobseekers and clients alike.

Clinical Professionals have developed a highly comprehensive understanding of a broad range of pharmaceutical specialist disciplines. Some of these sector disciplines include:

Regulatory affairs jobs
Health economics jobs
Biostatistics jobs
Quality Assurance / Quality Control and Scientific Jobs
Clinical research jobs

If you would like more details on our pharmacovigilance jobs and drug safety recruitment services, please contact us.



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