Ensuring that company projects are operating within regulatory guidelines is a highly important function in any pharmaceutical development organisation. In order to make sure that we can meet our client personnel requirements in this vital sector, as well as to ensure that individuals using our service receive the best advice and have access to the most relevant opportunities, we have a team of consultants dedicated to the Quality Assurance and Quality Control sectors.

We handle all levels of positions that are concerned with company compliance in GCP and GMP, from entry level position that may only require people to possess a strong understanding of EU regulations and the ability to learn, through to senior/director level positions that may involve all manner of responsibilities such as system implementation/review, auditing and line management.

In order to be as effective as possible whilst helping candidates and clients, our QA /QC team works hard to develop their knowledge and to stay current with industry developments. We are members of RQA and attend seminars and conferences to ensure that any advice we give will be helpful and reliable.

For more information on jobs available in the quality assurance/ quality control sector, please contact our team on: +44 (0) 207 822 1717 or apply@clinicalprofessionals.co.uk.

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