Reference Number: JO-2312-527200
Production Engineer
Rate: £32,000 – 35,000
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Brighton

Calling all Technicians with Electro-Mechanical Assembly experience who would like to progress into a Production Engineer, this could be the role for you.

The Production Engineer will be responsible for the following

  • Technical oversight in the build of cameras and systems
  • Building of cameras and initial functional testing. This includes devising practical solutions to problems arising during construction and feeding back the design modifications to R&D.
  • Diagnosing, fault finding and repairing customer returns.
  • Machining one-off or short-run metal components.
  • Drawing component details for manufacture and producing images for camera calibration and correction
  • The production engineer contributes to the overall achievement of production output, whilst also focussing on high yield and quality KPI targets.
  • The standard working hours are typically office type hours from Monday to Friday

Operational Duties

  • Production of optical and x-ray cameras on work benches, in laminar flow cabinets and cleanroom.
  • Production of x-ray and similar cabinets and systems involving mechanical and electrical assembly of sub-assembly and component parts
  • Ability to read and interpret mechanical and electrical schematics.
  • Machine shop skills.
  • Soldering skills
  • Fault-finding from circuit diagrams using functional understanding of electronics and physics
  • Knowledge of adhesives including UV curing and vacuum epoxy.
  • Application of scintillator material to fibre-optics.
  • Bonding fibre-optic tapers to CCD and CMOS sensors.
  • Knowledge of vacuum system construction techniques and materials.
  • Use of image capture software applications and installation of firmware

Production Support and Quality Control


·     Monitor & review production processes.

·    Ensure procedures and processes are complete and accurate.

·    Ensure equipment, jigs and fixtures are fully functional and suitable for the production processes.

·    Assist with training of new production staff.

·    Take appropriate and effective action to address and resolve any problems or delays in production.

·    Participate in new equipment evaluation

·    Participate in the transfer of R&D products into production products

·    Identify and implement corrective and improvement actions

·    Maintain a clean, well-organised working area

Health & Safety


·    Promote & maintain awareness and compliance of H&S in accordance with best practice and legal requirement.

Ad hoc


·    The role may include other reasonable duties/tasks from time to time.

In this role you will also work with other areas of the business which will include..

  • Liaising with the Supply chain and Operations managers on day-to-day tasks, issues and priorities
  • Working alongside colleagues to optimise production workflow and support one another
  • Interacting with Design, Software and Test engineers when problems occur to problem solve issues
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