2011 Mobile Healthcare Apps Market Reached $718 Million

The mobile healthcare smartphone application market increased seven-fold to reach $718 million in 2011, but is set to rise much more in the future, according to the Mobile Health Market Report 2011-2016.

The Mobile Health Market Report 2011-2016 from research2guidance, mobile market research specialists, observes that while the mHealth market “is still in an embryonic state…theoretically the market potential is enormous given the overall worldwide healthcare market size of $6 trillion and the potential use cases and benefits for mobile patient healthcare support”.

The main drivers for the growth have been “the increase in the smartphone user base on the demand side”, and the doubling of the number of mobile health applications on the supply side.

The research study notes that a majority of drugmakers “have discovered mHealth applications as an innovative way to promote and deliver” their services and products.  Evidence of this is a number of the large players published mHealth apps in 2011 that go far beyond a simple allergy tracker or pill reminder, for example, Sanofi Aventis’ sensor-based iBGStar Diabetis monitoring app, a blood glucose meter that connects to an iPhone or iPod.

Mobile Trends Poll

Clinical Professionals recently launched a poll examining mobile trends across our LinkedIn groups, asking you ‘what method do you use to search for pharmaceutical jobs when using your mobile phone?’

So far the results have been split between people who use their mobile to search and those that do not.  Of those that do use their mobile to search for jobs, most have utilised a search engine to visit the appropriate mobile optimised webpage.

To cast your vote, visit: www.linkedin.com



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