Groups and Networking on Linked In

Linked in Clinical Professionals GroupClinical Professionals boasts a large number of Specialist groups on Linked in, with some of them already being well established locations for networking.

We were early adopters to group creation on Linked in, with some of our groups now spanning a few years of network experience and consisting of members in the thousands. We feel that its important to have groups that allow our members access to specific communities of interest, allowing them to connect with those that are in the same field as themselves, or to discuss areas of the industry that would otherwise would require conferences and paid networking to bring across on the same level.

We operate over 40 groups on Linkedin, so chances are you are probably already a member of one or two of them already, but feel free to check out some of our more central networking points by searching for groups in your account:

Clinical Professionals
Health Economics Professionals
Pharmacovigilance Professionals
Pharmaceutical Market Access
Clinical Recruitment UK
European Clinical Regulatory Affairs (EUCRA)

Or two of our newly established help centres:
Pharmaceutical Career Advice (PCA Network)
Medical Science Professionals (MSP)

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