A Future of Work Institute Webinar Series “Leading Through Times of Change”

During times of change it can be challenging for organisations to focus on business strategy while maintaining employee engagement, productivity and wellness.

Now more than ever, your leadership style, employer proposition and employee experience are important. As we all adapt to new ways of working implementing and adopting virtual interviews and onboarding are a challenge.

Cpl’s Future of Work Institute invite you to join a complimentary Webinar Series “Leading Through Times of Change.” This series of webinars will focus on a number of key topics to support you as a senior leader through times of change.

These are virtual, engaging and interactive sessions designed to provide you with practical tools you can implement today.

Leading Through Times of Change Upcoming Webinars

Webinar 2: The Purposeful LeaderHarnessing Tales of Direction in Times of Change

Presented by Barry Winkless, Strategy Director

purposeful leader is one who has a clear tale of direction that inspires, immerses and sustains themselves and their team. This webinar introduces the concepts of story, theme and resolution and how to harness them in order to maintain alignment and engagement during times of great change and disruption 

What You’ll Learn

Through discussion, insights and real-world experience, in this session you will learn: 

  • The Importance of a visionary tale of direction not just a cookie cutter purpose 
  • The colour of direction- how direction is evolving 
  • How themes help connect actions and act as a sense maker 
  • Using levels of resolution to make things real for people even in difficult times 

About your Facilitator:

Barry currently drives the strategic direction of Cpl in collaboration with the CEO and senior leadership team. He also leads Cpl’s Future of Work Institute, which explores, questions and advises on key areas important to the future of working and the workplace for business leaders globally.

Over the past 22 years of his career Barry has worked with, and for, some of the worlds most respected organisations across pharma, medtech, fmcg, financial,  technology, start up and professional services sectors.

His core areas of expertise are strategy, innovation, change and engagement and he has led multi-disciplinary teams in delivering significant projects for clients. A frequent author and speaker at international events, Barry is committed to changing the views of what the future of work really means for today and what it could mean for tomorrow.

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Previous Webinars

Webinar 1: The Resilient Leader with Elysia Hegarty, Cpl’s Workplace Wellness Lead

Originally broadcast on April 2nd, this webinar can now be downloaded here.

A resilient leader is one that manages their own health and well-being and maintains that of others. There are many ways a leader can support the health and well-being of their employees beyond virtual fitness and meditation classes.

A robust wellness strategy is important now more than ever to ensure your employees, productivity and engagement thrive.

In this session with Elysia you will learn about:

  • The importance of maintaining health & well-being during times of change
  • Becoming a resilient leader
  • A multi-dimensional approach – A Case Study
  • Strategic wellness to enhance engagement & productivity
  • The benefits of using wellness ambassadors
  • The changing approach to wellness

About your Facilitator:

Elysia has over 14 years’ experience in Human Resource Management and the Health and Wellness Industry. She has combined her expertise to partner with business leaders and develop bespoke solutions for a healthy and engaged workforce.

Elysia has worked within multiple sectors and is a lead consultant at the Future of Work Institute. She works with customers to build strategic wellness programmes that attract, engage, and retain talent.


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