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CCRA seminar: UK Clinical Research – A Professionals Awareness Update & The Landscape for CROs post Brexit

Clinical Professionals will be attending a vital two-day event hosted by the CCRA on the 29th-30th January at the Royal Society of medicine in London.

In an unquestionable time of industrial and economic upheaval across all sectors, the event looks to bring together various key members from Government, the Department of Health, industry regulators and experts in addition to the wider community of healthcare professionals to collaborate and provide insight on the latest developments and discuss potential plans for continued success of the UK domestic research industry.

The first seminar is the eighth in the CCRA’s series of Professional Awareness updates that aims to keep delegates well-informed of the changes within the sector, be it procedural, regulatory, legal or scientific.

The current developments of the potential “No Deal” Brexit, it is more important that ever to examine some of the possible outcomes of the situation. Perfect timing for the second seminar, “The Landscape for CROs Post Brexit”. Events such as the CCRA’s will allow for an open discussion whilst giving the opportunity to share concerns with government and regulators and to assess possible opportunities for UK CROs and business in the “post Brexit world”.

Please click here to view the programme for each event.

The CCRA is the government trade organisation (ATO) established to represent the CRO and allied industries. Members include clinical contract research organisations, contract manufacturers and companies that are specialist service providers to them and to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

The organisation was set up in order to address a variety of objectives which involve:

  • Representing views and concerns of members to the government and EU legislative bodies such as regulatory agencies
  • Support members by working with government agencies to promote services abroad
  • Promote high standards of business and clinical practice through its code of practice
  • Promote benefits of clinical contract research to pharmaceutical and biotech industries
  • Safeguard health, welfare and interests of all participants in clinical trials
  • Provide networking opportunities for members in UK and overseas
  • Training courses specifically tailored towards member’s needs
  • Provide an easily accessible communication platform for members, legislative agencies and potential volunteers via the CCRA website

If would like to contact the CCRA about this event, membership or other services they provide, please email mail@ccra.org.uk

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