Client Meeting 101

Client Meetings 101

Everyone knows how vital client meetings are and we are no different. Early on Monday morning our intrepid consultants Matt and Lowri braved the outside world to attend an event hosted by one of our clients for all their external recruiters.

As a result our MedComms Professionals have some sage advice for others attending such events (specifically what NOT to do).


Homework – We all know that homework and extra research is for squares right? Of course you don’t need to familiarise yourself with the company or the individuals you’ll be seeing on the day. If in doubt you can always wing it!

Outfit – Naturally you will want to decide what to wear at the last minute, however keep in mind everyone else will be suited clones of one another. Make sure you stand out from the rest, I suggest cut-off shorts, yesterday’s makeup and maybe that t-shirt with a witty slogan you wore last week. They are bound to love your creative style.

Travel – Embrace your natural nomad instincts and just follow rough directions you jotted down a few weeks ago. Planning a route, booking tickets ahead of time and coming up with a backup plan is too time consuming for your busy schedule.

Business cards – Let’s face it there isn’t much point in carrying any business cards with you. They are too much time and effort to get designed and printed, a scrap of paper with your name and number will always do the trick. Likewise there isn’t much point in bringing any other marketing materials, it will just take up space in your bag.


Parking – Parking is tough enough as it is, but seeing as they are expecting you, it won’t matter if you block anyone in.

Entrance – To make sure you have everyone’s full attention arrive at least half an hour late without notifying anyone. If in doubt do a cartwheel to show off your skills.

General behaviour Tips

  • Make sure to grab seats right at the back of the room, it’s always where the cool kids sit.
  • During group discussions, never EVER contribute. Let everyone else do the work for you. If you do have something to say, make sure you talk over others so they know your idea is better than theirs.
  • Maintain aggressive body language so everyone knows you mean business. Sullen expression, tight lipped and crossed arms will ensure everyone will see you are in charge.
  • If your phone rings during the meeting, make sure to answer it straight away. They know what it’s like in industry, so it will not offend anyone.
  • Networking is a fancy term for chatting people up. Flutter your eyelashes and get some numbers from people you find attractive.
  • Always make sure such an event is documented. Take selfies, live tweet your way through the entire meeting. Don’t be afraid to tweet your opinions on other’s appearances and how bored you are by their ideas.
  • If you feel as if you haven’t made a good enough impression, you can always mention some of your star candidates and where they have been placed. They will easily be impressed by how awesome you are at your job.
  • If worse comes to worse just offer to do the job for a fiver, you’re bound to get it then

Don’t sweat it, you’ve got this!

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