AGM 2017

Clinical Professionals 2017 AGM: Unstoppable!

clinical professionals AGM

On a very sunny Friday in June, the Clinical Professionals group held it’s 2017 AGM at the Penta Hotel in Reading. Whilst celebrating another prosperous year, which would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all of the Clinical Professionals team, several presentations were given followed by commendations/awards and a group activity to re-invigorate everyone for an even more successful year ahead.

To tie in with the past 12 month’s achievements and milestones, this year’s theme was “Unstoppable” as all the presentations and activities of the day related to how we can maintain and build upon the skills, engagement of our valued team members and momentum created last year and to look ahead to the new initiatives and building an even more positive business in the year ahead.

We were delighted to be joined in the morning by our guest speaker Peter Cosgrove, Director at CPL and founder of the Future of Work Institute. Peter gave a brilliant and engaging talk full of advice on how we can better engage with and deliver a better service level to candidates and clients and maintain our strong relationships and establish new ones for the future. His talk also included some amusing anecdotes and YouTube videos further cementing the notion of prioritising tasks whilst also ensuring minimal distraction by the “noise” that surrounds us each day such as email or social media notifications which will undoubtedly get worse as the more technology advances. The aim was to better understand the importance of having personal and dedicated interactions with those we work with.

Following on from Peter Cosgrove, was Clinical Professionals Group COO; Glen Hall, providing a review of the financial year, highlighting the key successes and milestones we have had as a business for the past year and our targets for the future.

Following Glen, Yvette Cleland, CEO of the Clinical Professionals Group, delivered her presentation on our future road map. Which not only included some new updates to the business, such as our successful expansion into the US in Boston MA and also our new charity for this year Bloodwise.

bloodwiseClinical Professionals has already raised money for Bloodwise earlier in the year with our Easter charity efforts, but as this charity is personally important to various key members of the business we decided to continue raising money for Bloodwise as our nominated charity. The charity is dedicated to funding research into all blood cancers including leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma whilst offering care and support to patients and their families.

After the featured presentations, commendations and awards were handed out to team members of the Clinical professionals Group, all of whom were recognised for their outstanding efforts over the past 12 months Yvette commented “This year has seen us reach so many unprecedented milestones for us as a business, we continue to be a diverse and progressive organisation, this year having opened our first US office in Boston has been an exceptional achievement. The launch of the first Life Sciences pure play RPO and first client won has been outstanding, and as a major service to our industry, we have now fully funded, trained and found 70 life science graduates first to industry roles. We are regularly changing people’s lives in such a positive way from both inside our organisation and in the market we serve!”

The team activity in the afternoon saw us working in teams on how best to present our business to our client base. The views and contribution from all team members assists Clinical Professionals in raising the bar in terms of quality and engagement with our highly valued clients.

The business was split into 4 teams, who then had to work away on their presentations and documents whilst a select few attended a Q+A with the “client board” comprised of, CEO Yvette Cleland COO Glen Hall, and Director of HR Carol Morton.

Once the allocated time was over each team were required to present and then be subjected to questions. Congratulations to the winning team whose thoughts and contributions will bring positive change to our strategy moving forward.

A short video of the day’s proceedings will soon be available – for now please enjoy the teaser below:

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