Clinical Professionals Are Attending the MSLA Meeting

Clinical Professionals are attending the Medical Science Liaison Association (MSLA) inaugural meeting in Uxbridge, UK.

The meeting will take place at Celgene Conference Facility on Thursday 15th March 2012.

MSLA’s vision is to provide a common platform to drive compliance, value, credibility & sustainability of the MSL role.  The meeting will offer the opportunity to network amongst all levels of professionals within MSL roles.

The conference will include talks on:

–          The Value of the MSL Role to Pharma

–          MSL Guidance and the Evolving Role

–          Interactive Workshops on MSL Hot Topics

–          Health Care Professionals perspective on the MSL role

If you wish to book a meeting, contact Chris Smith at or +44(0)118 959 4990.

We look forward to seeing you!

The Clinical Professionals Team

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