Clinical Professionals to attend the DIA 28th Annual EuroMeeting

Clinical Professionals will be exhibiting at the DIA Annual EuroMeeting on stand B10 in Hamburg on April 6th to 8th.

The DIA is a global forum for exchanging knowledge to encourage innovation that will raise the level of health and wellbeing across the world. It was first founded in 1964 as a neutral global membership association with the aim to improve communications and collaboration within drug development not only through conferences such as the EuroMeeting but also through community interaction and online courses.

The DIA’s EuroMeeting in particular features presentations on particular themes, dedicated networking events and a variety of exhibitions which all provide an opportunity to exchange ideas with some of the most prominent industry leaders.

This year’s themes range from patient engagement in clinical trials to proactive lifecycle management, which were chosen to inspire breakthrough innovative solutions for patients. EuroMeeting 2016 themes examine how all participants along the product development life cycle, as well as societal needs, impact the overall development process. Additionally, these themes directly address the inter dependencies of how policy decision makers and regulators anticipate, evaluate and adjust guidelines accordingly.

Clinical Professionals will be attending the EuroMeeting to promote the services that we provide:

  • Functionally Aligned Consultants and Resourcing Teams – Our teams specialise in providing recruitment solutions to a variety of job roles such as permanent, contract, interim FSP and freelance
  • Hosted Employment – Contractors are employed permanently by Clinical Professionals whilst being deployed to our clients and being supported by a team of industry professionals for continued development and ensuring compliance
  • Salary and Benefits Survey – We are proud to say that our guide is the industry’s most comprehensive pan European survey that provides and accurate guide of industry salaries, benefits and trends
  • Industry Analytics – The industry analytics reports  provided to clients on a monthly basis reveal the latest vacancy developments in particular countries and functional areas.
  • Functional Service Provision – We provide a whole project team via our hosted employment service which ensures the client has the best fit via our specialist staging screening, selection and interview process.
  • Workshops and Assessment Centres –We host and organise various events aimed at assessing candidates for the industry whilst also providing an introduction to potential jobs roles they may apply to. The Physician to Pharma event is a service that Only Medics provides to assist medics in transitioning to the pharmaceutical industry via networking with industry professionals, assessing and providing career advice
  • Pharmaceutical specific RPO/MSP – We are able to provide full recruitment provision to Life Science clients, or tailor for particular areas such as research and development depending on the requirements.

In addition to these services we also provide our award winning and ground breaking Training Academy. By assessing latest developments and trends within the Life Science industry we began to notice a skill deficit was growing at an alarming rate. As highly trained employees at many prominent companies were leaving the work force, there was a significant lack of candidates to fill the void. With this in mind we created a fully funded programme that trains and assesses Life Science graduates before deploying them into first to industry roles.

This service has not only won Innovator of the Year Award at APSCo but has also gained professional registration via The Science Council.

For more information about any of the services provided, please contact us on 0118 959 4990, email or if you are attending the conference and would like to talk to us, visit Stand B10 or book a meeting:

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