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Clinical Professionals Group and the Apprenticeship Levy

Whilst many are concerning themselves with the UK’s ‘Brexit’ from the EU and the potential negative impacts, Clinical Professionals’ Academies team have been focussing on the positive movements by government to create talented and skilled professionals through apprenticeships to bolster our Life Science economy – something we know a lot about and have been evangelising to industry for some time!  The CP Academies team have been working on innovative staffing solutions for clients for many years with a suite of training programmes available (and fully funded by us) for our future talent looking to get their first-to-industry role.  Our graduate training Academy is well known now in industry having won multiple awards for innovation, and we have to date filled or created over 88 job roles for these trained graduates.  It has been a long journey educating many clients as to the positive benefits of taking on these trained graduates (there are many!), but now we have over 10 clients who have taken on 4+ graduates and completely re-structured their hiring models to utilise this amazing programme. 

To further build on this Clinical Professionals has been involved in the clinical and regulatory trailblazer groups driving the standards and framework for these new apprenticeships and being heavily involved in end point assessor criteria and selection.  We wanted to partner with like-minded industry professionals who are looking ahead to the future post-Brexit and determined to create a very talented and robust skills base for the UK.  Clinical Professionals are delighted to be awarded Apprentice Training Provider (ATP) and Apprentice Training Agency (ATA), allowing us to support our clients in the sourcing, set-up, delivery, training and management of apprentices into the sector.  Organisations that are listed on the RoATP have been through an application process with the ESFA that considers due diligence, capability, quality and financial health to assess their capability to deliver high-quality apprenticeship training.

The most concerning issue for us in the CP Academies team is that when attending meeting clients or discussing apprenticeships at events we attend, not many contacts were aware if they paid into the levy pot, or indeed how they could utilise the levy pot – which everyone has access to!  We are now on a mission to educate clients around the apprentices and how they can use the schemes in future to take on some fantastic talent but in a highly cost-efficient and effective way.  It also ensures our long-term success in the Life Science industry as a country, as with this new talent comes new or adaptive skills such as data science and analytics, AI, technology and devices, risk assessment and critical thinking – the list goes on.

Brexit is happening of that there is no doubt, but we are proud to be part of these forward-thinking groups and schemes that will help positively drive the future of our economic stability and growth within the Life Science sector.

Should you wish to know more about the apprentice levy please contact us for a chat or read further information here: https://cpacademies.com/apprentice-levy-life-sciences/

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