Clinical Professionals Sports Day 2018

Clinical Professionals holds “Back to School” Themed Charity Event!

With September being Blood Cancer awareness month, Clinical Professionals group decided to launch their “Back to School” themed series of events to build awareness for blood cancer and raise money for our corporate charity Bloodwise.

Each week featured a day of school related actives that saw our consultants competing against each other for prizes. Our first event saw employees dress up in mock school uniform whilst battling one another for a coveted prize. Later in the week we held a tug of war competition, which pitted business teams against one another in a demonstration of strength! This progressed to a school sports day theme where consultants donned their “PE kits” taking part in competitive school games such as an egg and spoon race, long jump and shot put! An amazing sight for the local residents of Reading to behold!

However, our stand out fundraising event, (led by one of our Consultants Oliver Leavers) saw several of our brave and valued team members embarking on a charity head shave. As the money raised continued to appear throughout the afternoon and milestones were blown away, more head_shaveconsultants stepped up to the mark to take part and increase the fundraising for the event. Combined with the harvest festival themed bake and a homemade curry sale we managed to raise over £800! This was an outstanding effort by all of Clinical Professionals team members in raising so much money in a single day. We are very proud and grateful for everyone’s help and for the sacrifices made on the day!

Yvette Cleland, CEO of the Clinical Professionals Group commented “Several of our team members have been personally affected by blood cancers and many of our clients work within extraordinary trials looking for new treatments for the many patients and families affected every year by blood cancer, I was amazed to see how many motivated and driven people in our business have embraced this great charity with such passion and have worked so hard to raise awareness and money”

Our “Back to School” event raised £984,  this brings us to £4938 which is 98% of our £5,000 goal of the year!

It is safe to say that we are all overjoyed at everyone’s efforts and look forward to raising more throughout the rest of the year. Stay tuned for more fund raising events for Halloween and Christmas!

Bloodwise is the UK’s leading blood cancer research charity, it was first established in 1962 as the Leukaemia Research Fund after the Eastwood’s lost their daughter to Leukaemia in 1960 and decided to take steps to prevent other families from experiencing the same tragedy.

Throughout the years Bloodwise has assisted greatly in progressing treatment for blood cancers, supplying information and support for patients and their families and their research has often gone on to improve other cancer treatments.

Visit their website here to find out more about the charity

Clinical Professionals will also be fund raising for the Winter Duathlon, for more details please visit our just giving page here.

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