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Clinical Professionals Industry Analytics Report: Cambridge

The Clinical Professionals group aim to be aware of the latest industry events and news whilst also aspiring to be at the forefront of the latest analytics and reporting.This enables our consultants to provide a concise and quality service for both clients and candidates, whilst helping the industry to evolve as a whole.

Consequently, the Clinical Professionals group has collaborated with Vacancysoft to create monthly reports that provide an in-depth analysis of vacancies across various sectors, countries and companies.

The latest CPIA report features analysis and data from the companies based within Cambridge.

Clinical Professionals Group CEO, Yvette Cleland comments:

“The UK has the largest biopharmaceutical pipeline in the EU, with 20% of biopharmaceuticals in development originating in the UK. In tandem to this, life science discovery is accelerating so rapidly that many of humanity’s worst ailments ever will be dealt with in this century. The UK’s “health and wealth” is so intrinsically linked to the life sciences industry and a highlight of the great work happening can be so clearly seen in the Cambridge technology and biotech cluster. In fact in the last two years alone the city has attracted more than £500m of VC funding and if you factor that 98% of companies are small to medium enterprise (SME) established within the last five years, you can see how Cambridge is attracting the likes of AstraZeneca and Heptares for their UK or Global headquarters.

Not surprisingly on the backdrop of such investment and with Cambridge University feeding the innovation, Cambridge has seen vacancies within life sciences companies hit an all-time high in the last quarter of 2017. A particular company of note for its growth and success over the last 3 years is Kymab Ltd, a spin out from the Sanger Institute. Using a mouse-model that can generate human monoclonal antibodies, Kymab is developing a range of antibody-based therapeutics. This alongside £220m of funding sees their unique Kymouse™ platform helping their partners to realise new opportunities in therapeutic and vaccine development. This has led to continued success and year on year headcount growth.

2018 salary survey With circa 59,000 people employed by more than 4,300 knowledge-intensive firms within 20 miles of Cambridge, employment opportunity continues to accelerate by around 8% per annum (since 2011). Cambridge unemployment is a quarter of the national average and the city has the third-highest employment growth in the country. Skills are now at a premium within the life sciences sector and the brightest employers are recognising that in order to attract top talent their employer brand has to be exceptionally strong, their pipeline, technology, culture and innovation has to be clear and leading edge. A slow and dis-engaging hiring process will lose the talent you have attracted if you do not streamline hiring and engage all candidates on every part of their journey to employment with you.

Living and working in a city that has more Nobel prizes than Japan must be exceptionally motivational but more importantly demonstrates that the UK’s desire to be a globa

l life sciences centre of excellence is a reality that builds momentum and profile each day with a vast amount of help from the great companies landing and expanding within Cambridge.

The Clinical Professionals Group has just launched its 2018 Salary and Benefits survey. Last year over 4,000 decision makers in the life sciences industry requested and received copies and found the book and its data to be an essential tool in their workforce planning and budgeting. The survey compares salary and compensation across the life science industry in Europe and demonstrates where skill shortages are impacting most.”

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