Clinical Professionals Industry Analytics Report: Medical Roles

CPIA Report CoverClinical Professionals always strive to be at the forefront of providing the best knowledge and advice to assist candidates and clients to the best of our ability, from the next step in a candidate’s career to aiding with talent acquisition for industry leading life science companies.

Therefore, the Clinical Professionals Group has partnered with vacancy data company, VacancySoft, who gather and publish data on job opportunities for a range of countries and industries including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and others within life sciences.

The Clinical Professionals Industry Analytics Reports (CPIA Reports) are a product of this collaboration and deemed a greatly valued resource for professionals within life sciences. Especially amongst hiring managers and directors, as our report can facilitate them to identify certain sectors and locations that are of interest to the life science industry.

This month’s report looks at vacancy data for medical roles within the Life Science industry to examine key movements and changes.

Clinical Professionals’ CEO, Yvette Cleland has provided some of her insight on the report’s findings:

“In our latest report, Clinical Professionals reviewed vacancy activity over the previous twenty four months within Medical Affairs across Europe, finding a 10% increase in vacancies over this time period.

More recently, forward-thinking biopharma companies are evolving as masters of digital technologies and data, and this is becoming critical as the industry generates and analyses vast volumes of real-world data. Within Medical Affairs, the ability to effectively communicate scientific data, as well as a better understanding of how to effectively navigate this immensely complex healthcare universe, is vital. With an ever-changing group and range of stakeholders influencing purchasing decisions, information channels continue to adapt and change, and leading companies are beginning to upgrade Medical Affairs departments in order to ensure they are focused on future needs and skills.

Our review of vacancies over the last twenty four months in Medical Affairs functions across Europe shows some interesting patterns. There has been a rapid growth in biotech vacancies (versus traditional pharma) accounting for an 8% increase overall. To date, the impact of Brexit is not as bad as feared as we are seeing an increase YOY and record vacancy numbers in the UK for Medical Affairs. Having said that, the possibility of a “brain drain” if EU nationals choose to relocate out of the UK in a post Brexit Britain, could see some serious shifts in career opportunities.

A dominant underlying trend is that biotech specific vacancies within Medical Affairs have doubled, compared to traditional pharma, and since October 2015 we have seen a 29% increase in vacancies across the EU. In the European market we see Novartis dominating the available vacancies in Medical Affairs and Roche showing a 30% decline in vacancies. Of the large CROs, Quintiles IMS dominates the available vacancies with an increased activity of 29%.

Of course, we cannot predict the full impact of Brexit on the UK, other than assume there will be a difficult path to navigate over the coming years. The availability of a highly-skilled workforce and investment within skills development will be fundamental to our survival, as well as our desire to become a global player in this sector, as expressed in the recent Industrial Strategy for Life Sciences.”

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