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Clinical Professionals Industry Analytics Report: Research and Development

CPIA Report CoverThe Clinical Professionals Group has always aimed to provide candidates and clients with the best knowledge and advice for achieving their goals, from career progression to talent acquisition. However, we also have a strong focus on being responsive and pre-emptive to the latest changes within the Life Sciences industry.

To achieve this, Clinical Professionals has partnered with VacancySoft, a vacancy data company that collates and publishes data on vacancies for a wide variety of industry and counties.

The Clinical Professionals Industry Analytics Reports (CPIA Reports) are a highly valued resource for professionals within life sciences. From hiring managers to directors, our report enables them to identify certain sectors and locations of interest relevant to the industry.

This month’s report examines vacancy data for Research and Development roles within the life science industry to identify and evaluate key movements and changes.

Clinical Professionals’ CEO, Yvette Cleland has provided some of her insight on the report’s findings:

“Despite there being a suggestion that the trend for R&D vacancies is decreasing as we get towards the end of 2017, Scientific Professionals have not experienced such a slow-down. Only focusing on the UK market means that we cannot confidently comment on patterns across mainland Europe, however the small to medium sized biotech/pharma industry is absolutely thriving here and candidates with a strong industrial and academic background will always be able to find 2-3 exciting opportunities.

The main area of focus for recruitment within UK R&D, as supported by the statistics, is immunology, pharmacology and immune diseases. This is the result of a number of small biotechs and academic spin-off companies securing significant funding to accelerate research within these vital areas. Large pharmas and CROs do obviously still dominate when it comes to volume vacancies within R&D, as demonstrated by the Top 20 companies, but many candidates are now looking for an environment where they can get a greater level of exposure and responsibility.

The results from the survey do support the commonly understood belief that there are fluctuations in vacancy openings throughout the year. Scientific Professionals does experience a noticeable rise in vacancies through January, February and March and then towards the end of September through to November”

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