Clinical Professionals Launch Job Advice Pages

>Clinical Professionals has today launched two new job advice pages accessible directly from our website,  allowing candidates to easily obtain advice to aid with their pharmaceutical job search.

As Europe’s leading independent life sciences staffing company, The Clinical Professionals Group are constantly looking for ways to help candidates succeed in their job search.

The job advice pages provide the convenience for candidates to watch Clinical Professionals’ YouTube job advice videos, or read the transcript for the videos directly from Clinical Professionals’ website.  Candidates can also choose to download job advice documents written by Only Medics’ founder Elaine Ford, if they prefer to view the information in printed format.

The job advice pages are easily accessible from the dropdown under the ‘resources’ section of the website.

The initial job advice pages focus on how to remain motivated during your job search, and how to prepare for competency based interviews, which are increasing being used within the recruitment process.

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