Clinical Professionals Launch UK Pharmaceutical 2013 Salary Survey

Please note that the 2013 Salary Survey has now closed.

Clinical Professionals are today launching their 2013 UK salary survey to determine the salary and benefits for each sector of the UK pharmaceutical industry.

The survey consists of questions regarding your career and how satisfied you are with your current salary, and will only take a few minutes to complete.

The salary survey is confidential, and designed to gain valuable feedback from respondents within the pharmaceutical industry.

The results will be compared to last year’s UK salary survey, and sent out to everyone who completes the survey, shortly after the survey has closed, just remember to enter your contact details so we can send the results to you!

Anyone working in the UK pharmaceutical industry is invited to participate in the survey; you don’t have to be registered with Clinical Professionals.

To receive your copy of the results, click here to respond to the survey.

The Clinical Professionals Team

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