Clinical Professionals Staff Members Skydive for The Silver Line Charity

Three courageous members of Clinical Professionals braved the elements early Sunday morning to skydive for the second event in aid of our 2015 charity, The Silver Line.

Tom, Neil and Sarah unfortunately had a 6 hour wait, as Silver Line informed them that their jump could be postponed due to bad weather. Luckily at 2pm they were given the green light to suit up and wait for the plane.

The jump itself involved skydiving from the plane at 13,000 ft. and then freefalling for 9,000 ft. at roughly 150 mph – a staggering 1000ft in 5 seconds!

Sarah Goddard

Despite the descent taking just 5 minutes, Clinical Professionals’ Med Comms Recruitment Director, Sarah Goddard, described the experience as “Absolutely amazing and seeing the Oxfordshire scenery under the canopy in silence was exhilarating and a real adrenalin rush!”

Clinical Professionals are delighted to announce that between them, Tom, Neil and Sarah have managed to raise approximately £1800 for The Silver Line!


Yvette Cleland, Clinical Professionals’ CEO, commented “I am so proud of Sarah, Tom and Neil, the whole business has embraced our chosen charity The Silver Line, but these three exceptional team members have shown an exceptional level of bravery to continue our fund raising efforts!”

The Silver Line Charity provides information, friendship and advice to older people within the UK, helping combat the widespread issue of loneliness many experience at an older age.

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