Clinical Professionals to Attend City & Financial Global’s Brexit Event

Clinical Professionals will be attending the City & Financial Global’s ‘BREXIT: What does it mean for the Life Sciences’ Summit, which takes place in London on 20th June.

The event will examine both short-term and long-term strategies for navigating BREXIT safely and allowing the UK to keep its current status as a leading Life Sciences Hub in Europe and beyond.

The summit will bring together leading experts to provide a cross-cutting view of the implications of Brexit for the future of UK Life Sciences, analysing possible scenarios and preparing for the fundamental changes that lie ahead. The event will address the key questions that will help senior management prepare for all the possible outcomes that may arise.

Yvette Cleland, Clinical Professionals CEO comments:

“In a landscape of profound uncertainty, last year saw record levels of investment in the UK life sciences industry. With £2.4 BN raised in IPO’s and further offerings, 2017 saw a 20% increase in investment when compared to 2016.

So, are we in a situation with Brexit that only those who dare to fail spectacularly, can achieve greatly? Or with higher rates of investment in 2017 (compared to 2016) despite the backdrop and full knowledge of Brexit, we just don’t know what the future holds? Do we ever know that?

As an industry we are predisposed to constant change, that is the nature of the life sciences beast. The £64 BN life sciences industry in the UK is one of our leading lights as a country. In many ways we are an international benchmark for success, and yet, as a nation we do always see our world through a prism of negativity. Remain or leave, much of our economic destiny is now clustered in life sciences. I guess we can either talk ourselves up, and focus on a future that we have to make work, or we can continue to mourn our fate, and make that an indicator of our future.

As a result, it is a confusing picture all round, because indicators and facts demonstrate investment increasing 2016 versus 2017 and therefore the requirement to identify skilled labour to fill newly created positions. Overall the total life sciences staffing market showed a 5.2% growth in vacancies (2017) with a noted increase in scientific roles at 10% year on year.

So, as we see a decline in hiring in some prominent global players, our growing Biotech hubs and Med tech industry influence an overall increase in hiring alongside a growth shift in hires across Contract Research Organisations (CRO’s) as well. The future simply depends on what we do today. In 2018 YTD we are seeing a steady flow of vacancies, similar numbers to 2017 in fact, showing that the market overall is withstanding Brexit knocks. After decades of restructuring and transformation in industry in an attempt to respond to rapidly changing external environments, we can all appreciate that change fatigue is at heightened levels. As digital and mobile technologies change the relationships between physicians and patients, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning continue to disrupt the industry, surely Brexit is just another change, and dare we see an opportunity for us all?”

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