Come meet Clinical Professionals at the DIA EuroMeeting in Basel

DIAEuroMeeting2018The Clinical Professionals Group will be exhibiting at the DIA Europe 2018 conference in Basel, Switzerland on the 17th – 19th April.

Visit The Clinical Professionals Group at Stand 6

In attendance:

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This year’s conference marks the 30th anniversary of the DIA EuroMeeting, the event is an opportunity for life science professionals to “learn, engage, and grow as a professional in healthcare”. The DIA meetings have taken place across 40 different countries, feature over 60 sessions with over 1,000 attendees and 250+ speakers.

DIA meetings act as a global forum for exchanging knowledge to encourage innovation that will enhance the current level of health and wellbeing across the world. It was first founded in 1964 as a neutral global membership association with the aim to improve communications and collaboration within drug development not only through conferences such as the EuroMeeting but also through community interaction and online courses.

The DIA’s EuroMeeting in particular features presentations on particular themes, dedicated networking events and a variety of exhibitions which all provide an opportunity to exchange ideas with some of the most prominent industry leaders.

The 2018 Programme Topics are:

  • Topic A: Can Regulators and HTA Bodies Create Synergies for Patient Access?
  • Topic B: What are Necessary Steps towards Outcome-Driven Health Systems?
  • Topic C: Medicines of the Future: What Will Innovation Need and Bring?
  • Topic D: How Can Better Outcomes Be Enabled by Big Data?
  • Topic E: What is the Future of Pharmacovigilance?
  • Topic F: What Can Stakeholders Expects from Clinical Trial (Development), Transparency and Medical Information?
  • Topic G: A New Era for Medical Devices and Diagnostics. How Is The Impact?
  • Topic H: Drug Development and Regulatory Approval – Reference Points around the Globe or Globalisation?
  • Topic I: How Can We Enable Clinical Research in Europe Further?

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