CPIA Report: Ireland 2017

To be at the forefront of the latest developments and appointments within the industry, Clinical Professionals regularly collaborate with data publishers; Vacancy Soft, to produce a regular report that has been a valuable resource to us, our candidates and our clients

The collaborative report identifies areas and countries that feature strong growth within the Life Science industry. This is done by identifying significant increases in job roles for a business area and/or country, where the increase is often due to demand from business developments and up and coming areas.

This month’s report looks at Ireland within the Life Science industry, Yvette Cleland, Clinical Professionals CEO, provides her insight on the statistics:

The Clinical Professionals Group has been recruiting for Ireland, the seventh-largest exporter of medicine and pharmaceutical products in the world, for many years. This is largely due to understanding Ireland’s role with in the life science industry, currently employing around 25,000 staff in biopharmaceuticals with exports reaching £39bn to date. It is also worth noting that 18 of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies operate with in Ireland, but we have seen from the data within this report, there has been a slight decrease when compared to the previous year, likely due to the current times of uncertainty.

 The number of life science vacancies in Ireland has shown a slight decrease over the past year, with vacancies for Jan 2017 perceived to be 19% lower compared to Jan 2016, however we still intend to continue our future expansion into Ireland, in order to target the 90 biopharma plants located in the country (33 of which are FDA Approved).

 Over half of all jobs were in Dublin (53%) although there was a slight decrease 12% from last year, even with MSD’s growth in vacancies (46% after announcing 330 new jobs and €280 million investment in Carlow and Cork) and other leading pharmaceutical companies such as Medtronic, Pfizer, Amgen, Bayer, Gilead and Mylan all being located in Dublin. Shire have also recently opened new headquarters in Dublin City Centre, and Allergan have celebrated 40 years in Ireland.

 With looking at the breakdown of vacancies per city, Cork had the largest growth (19% rise) and should continue to rise with their local residents including Pfizer, Abbott, Cordern, Solvotrin, Boston Scientific, GSK, Lilly and Stryker. Limerick has also increased by 55% growth after a €100 million investment by Johnson and Johnson, which has contributed to making Munster the region with the highest YoY increase of 21%.

 However when looking at the breakdown per sector it was surprising to see that CRO’s vacancies had fallen to just 17% of over overall number of life science vacancies within Ireland.

 Lastly, it was also worth noting that Post Brexit Ireland will become the only English speaking EU member state and with the UK soon to lose the European Medicines Agency is there a case for Ireland to be a “the new home” to the EMA?

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