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Eli Lilly Launch Initiative to Improve Healthcare Access for Millions

Lilly has recently announced their goal to expand global access to healthcare for 30 million people in resource-limited locations by 2030. The scheme, known as Lilly 30×30, is a new five-year, $90 million investment in the Lilly Global Health Partnership, to improve access to treatment for diabetes, cancer and tuberculosis.

One half of the $90 million commitment will come from the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation; the other portion will come from company funds.

Lilly chairman, president and CEO John Lechleiter said: “Over the last two decades, we have made tremendous progress in expanding access to quality care in poorer communities, but we can and must do more. Lilly 30×30 is a company-wide mandate to achieve a six-fold increase in the number of people we reach annually, outside of our traditional business.”

The Lilly Global Health Partnership also includes a new $15 million commitment to the Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI). This pledge extends an eight-year collaboration to accelerate early-stage drug discovery and preclinical development for potential new TB medicines.

“We will engage the entire Lilly organisation to ensure that our aspirational goals are met,” Lechleiter added. “The investments announced today will help millions more to benefit from Lilly’s life-saving work and accelerate our contributions toward the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.”



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