European Medical/Scientific Advisor and Medical Science Liaison Best Practices Conference

London, October 28th – 29th 2010

Scientific Advisors (SAs), Medical Advisors (MAs) and Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) play a critical function within Medical Affairs departments of pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. These typically highly educated and experienced professionals evaluate, critique and communicate comprehensive scientific information related to a company’s products. While differences in job titles, backgrounds and day-to-day activities can vary across companies and regions, MSLs and advisors are critical to improving understanding amongst internal departments and supporting product awareness across the broader medical community.

ExL Pharma’s MSL Best Practices conference has a long and established history in the United States, with seven highly successful and valuable MSL events taking place throughout America over a five year period. These conferences continue to attract more and more industry professionals, and have solidified ExL Pharma as a leader in the provision of relevant and practical information for Medical Affairs professionals. From the US-based events, a need was assessed for a similar conference to take place in Europe.

We are excited to offer this unique opportunity in Europe for MSLs and Advisors throughout the industry to gather to share successful strategies for both field-based and office-based activities. Through the provision of case studies and educational presentations led by experienced industry professionals, ample networking time and interactive sessions, MSLs and Advisors are sure to gain take-home approaches for providing maximum value to key opinion leaders, the company and the industry as a whole.

Clinical Professionals look forward to greeting you in London! If you wish to meet a consultant please arrange a time/date through or call +44 118 959 4990