Halloween at Clinical Professionals!

raven-988218_640Today Clinical Professionals Group held a Halloween themed games day in order to raise funds for our chosen charity The Silver Line. This involved various spooky themed activities to get everyone in the all hallows eve spirit! Many staff at Clinical Professionals in addition to fund raising for The Silver Line also donating their as volunteers and “friends of The Silver Line”.

They included a “Viral Outbreak!” where positive relationship building with candidates and clients gave CP employees the opportunity to “bite” others turning them into zombies and hinder their chance of the big prize. A fancy dress competition where participants donate money to The Silver Line Charity and a pumpkin carving bonanza where the winner receives a prize.

Today also included a spooky bake sale, where all the proceeds will also go to The Silver Line charity, along with money raised from the horror games and the total amount of money raised for The Silver Line will be matched by Clinical Professionals!

The Silver Line Charity offer information, friendship and advice to older people within the UK, helping combat the widespread issue of loneliness within the older generation.   “ Our games days bring a fantastic level of engagement from our teams as they have fun in the work place, raise funds for our favourite charity The Silver Line and just allow us all to have a great fun Friday. I am very proud of my team at Clinical Professionals many of whom are also volunteers “as friends of The Silver Line” supporting a superb charity both financially and in pro-active involvement.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Clinical Professionals!

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