Clinical Professionals Training Academy September 2016

An Industry that knows the Price of Everything and the Cost of Nothing…

How Initiatives like our Academies are a Solution to the CRA Staffing Crisis

Many professionals within the Clinical Research community are already aware of the current issues plaguing the industry, not just within the UK but on a global scale.

During the last quarter of 2016 CNN Money ranked CRAs as one of the 10 best careers within the United states for job growth rate, worker pay and satisfaction. However, despite these career advantages, the clinical research industry is suffering global lack of talent, the demand for CRA’s is expected to grow by an additional 5,590 roles in just the US alone.

So why is this happening? Clinical Professionals Group CEO, Yvette Cleland sheds some light on the matter…

“A recent US survey showed CRA turnover in 2015 at 25%, which is notably similar to the previous year.

 CRA turnover is a constant issue for both sponsor and CRO. The cost of this? Well the same survey identified a 7% spike in salaries and yet still the turnover of staff in this space increases. The price? Disruption of trials at the very minimum. So back to costs, we keep pumping money into remuneration yet engagement levels of staff are still low, turnover continues to rise year on year and the cost of running trials continues to increase.

 What is the cost of training? I have often asked myself what happens if I train my staff and they leave? Or what happens if I don’t train them and they stay?

 With CRO margins declining year on year for the last 5 years, can the cost of high volume training and development realistically be placed with CRO’s? Do pharmaceuticals companies feel because they can outsource most elements of their trial work they also relinquish responsibility for the future skilled staff to industry?

 As a result, the Clinical Professionals Group launched their Life Sciences Academies 18 months ago. They have now fully funded, trained and deployed over 40 graduates into “first to industry roles”, the attrition rate on this cohort is nil. In 2017 Clinical Professionals Academies will fund, train and deploy over 100 graduates into industry. That’s 140 exceptionally skilled graduates entering a long-term career in industry. The cost? There is no cost, it’s quite simply an investment.”

If you are looking to share in the investment of our future skills within life sciences we are currently running our first Training Academy of 2017, we would be delighted to hear from you if you wish to invest in the future with us.

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