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“Investing in Early Pharma Talent” – Clinical Professionals features in the latest edition of Recruiter

The Clinical Professionals group is overjoyed to have been featured in the latest issue of the Recruiter magazine with our innovative Training Academy.

The Recruiter is one of the most prominent publications within the recruitment industry, not just within the life science recruitment sector. The publication aims to deliver the latest industry news, advice and features to over 16,000 individuals across all sectors in the UK.

The magazine’s article on the Training Academy describes the Academy process and illustrates how it is a pioneering service to the life science industry:

“A training academy run by pharmaceutical research & development staffing company Clinical Professionals is proof that efforts to help jobseekers into entry-level employment are
not confined to those at the lower ends of the labour market.

The Academy, which launched in 2015, focuses on helping life sciences graduates, including those with Master’s degrees and even some PhDs, to find their first entry-level role. To date Clinical Professionals have run five academies, with between 10 and 15 graduates attending each, 90% of whom have been successfully placed into the sector within three months.”

Quotes from our Associate Director and Manager of the Training Academy and Hosted Employment, Doug Stewart and Nikki Doyle, further emphasised the importance that the scheme has to resolving issues currently plaguing the life science industry:

“Industry is really looking for people who already have experience, whether that is through an internship or something else they have done as a student.” Stewart says the scientific knowledge of life sciences graduates is not the problem.

“It’s not so much the science we need to teach – these are robust science graduates. It is more around how clinical trials operate within the regulatory framework. In general, the course covers all the legal and regulatory issues that people need to be well prepared in in order to carry out these trials ethically and within the regulatory compliance framework.”

The scheme also benefits clients by ensuring they have access to the best and brightest graduates that universities have to offer:

“The demand among life sciences graduates to get into pharma and clinical research, combined with the Academy’s growing reputation among life science graduates, is such that competition for Academy places is intense, with between 200 and 400 applying for each Academy. With such competition for places, “it is a vigorous recruitment process”, says Nikki Doyle.

After screening out anyone without certain key criteria, this consists of a telephone interview, which whittles the numbers down to 30 or 40, followed by an assessment day. The latter includes group exercises, with each academy trainee also having to give a presentation to the whole group.”

The Recruiter also featured comments from Kane Arical, one of our previous Training Academy graduates who since completing the Academy has gone on to a one year placement as a Clinical Trial Associate through the Hosted Employment model. This ensures that upon completion graduates can receive continued mentoring and further training to support them within their first role.

“The course equipped me with the appropriate knowledge to kick-start my career within the pharmaceutical industry.”

Arical’s experience with the Training Academy is just one of the numerous testimonials that have highly praised the scheme. To date, approximately 90% of the graduates who have taken part in the scheme found it to be highly satisfactory overall and 100% would recommend it to future graduates.*

“Trainers were very helpful and always available. The modules were informative and a good preparation for the world of work within the pharmaceutical industry” – Graduate from the January 2017 Training Academy.

If you would like to read more of the Recruiter article, you can access it on their website.

Clinical Professionals are looking forward to hosting many more Academies this year, if you would like to attend or are interested in the latest batch of participants please email, alternatively you can call us on 0118 959 4990.

*Statistics based off anonymous survey data conducted upon completion of the training academy

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