Need a Cost Effective and Exceptional Clinical Research Administrator (CTA)?

Graduate Academy With the continued investment in the UK Life Sciences market, staff and crippling skill shortages are still apparent. Clinical Professionals has created and fully funded a training and competency program for UK Graduates.

In May 2015 Clinical Professionals launched a CTA Academy and successfully placed graduates in first into industry roles, supported by professional registration from The Science Council and 12 months of onsite CPD. Global pharma and CRO’s alike have now employed these exceptional graduates.

Our next program for training goes live on the 7th of September 2015. UK graduates are experiencing escalating barriers to entry into life sciences when clients expect experienced candidates to be readily available for roles.

This is no longer a reasonable expectation and the Clinical Professionals Group fully fund,  then train and support these fabulous life science graduates through their first industry role.Graduates

Support us in supporting UK graduates and contribute to the life sciences industry that we are passionate about, in considering the placement of a Graduate CTA for your team. We are having a client open day on 18th September and we would be delighted to see you there to meet with our new graduates seeking their first to industry role and hear more about the involvement of the Science Council.

Please contact Nikki Harrison via email on

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