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Over the next two years MSL teams are projected to grow by 20%, where are you hiring from?

Research shows that since 2005 there has been a 76% increase in Medical Science Liaison (MSL) teams. Since 2000 there has been a sustained lack of training and development within the pharmaceutical and Biotech sectors. In fact in 2008/09 on the back drop of a global meltdown the Pharma industry disbanded most of their core training functions preferring to outsource.

At what point did anyone ask the question “who trains our next generation?” As salaries continue to rise driven by a shortage of skills, the industry still asks “we would like at least 2 years relevant experience”. I wonder where that experience will come from.

In the last 18 months The Clinical Professionals Group has fully funded, trained, and placed over 50 graduates into first to industry roles within clinical drug development. This covers one small area of the growing skill shortages. If the goal of education is understanding, the goal of training is performance. But how do you get “trained” to then go onto a role where you can perform if the door keeps shutting at “2 years relevant experience?”

In 2017 The Clinical Professionals Group will be working in collaboration with Pivot MSL. Helen Kane Managing Director of Pivot MSL has a passion for the role of Medical Science Liaison (MSL) borne from decades of experience gained in working within global pharmaceutical and Biotech organisations. She and Yvette Cleland CEO of The Clinical Professionals Group decided to look at how, in collaboration, they could bring through “aspiring MSL’s” to their first to industry roles.

The first fully funded workshop program of this exceptional initiative goes live in January 2017. A group of exceptional talent from pharmacists, PhD’s and HCP’s will embark on the starting point in their desire for a career as an “aspiring MSL”. Since 2005 there has been an increase of 76% more professionals within this field and a continued and growing requirement for more highly skilled individuals, The Clinical Professionals Group is delighted to be collaborating in such a critical to industry skills space.

Yvette_ClelandYvette Cleland CEO comments:

“We see training and development as an investment and not an expense.  Investment in talented people pays the best interest for themselves, the company they work for and the expertise they will bring to industry”.


Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. It will be interesting to see how our first cohort of candidates via the workshop prevail. Let’s hope the industry supports such initiatives and perhaps focuses on “competency, skills and potential” rather than the standard 2 years relevant experience preferred….

If you would like to know more information about the new MSL initiative or how to apply please call 0118 959 4490 or email

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