NHS agreement with Sobi will give more access to haemophilia A drug in the UK

NHS and Sobi UK have come to an agreement that will give people living with haemophilia A in the UK increased access to Elocta, by lifting prior volume restrictions for the drug.

Elocta is licensed by the European Commission in all age groups for treatment and prevention of bleeding in patients with haemophilia A.

It is an extended half-life (EHL) therapy reimbursed by NHS England and as well, suitable for all age ranges and all severities.

Previously many people living with haemophilia A in the UK had restricted access to the drug with a finite volume available under the previous agreement.

The new agreement allows physicians to prescribe the most suitable therapies and tailor approaches for patients to protect against bleeds and joint damage.

“This is exciting news for the haemophilia community in the UK. From July 1 everyone living with Haemophilia A of all ages and all severities will have access to efmoroctocog alfa,” said Simon Cox, interim general manager Sobi UK.

“We hope that with previous volume restrictions lifted, clinicians will have the confidence to prescribe efmoroctocog alfa whenever they feel appropriate, and in turn more people living with haemophilia A will be able to determine how they want to live their lives, aligned to our Liberate Life vision,” he added.

The new framework agreement will commence on July 1 and will be operational for two years, with an option to extend for a further 24 months, the firm noted.

Source: Pharmatimes

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