Not Everyone’s a Winner…

No, wait. Hear me out!

As the glitz and glamour fades away from another stunning awards season here is some insight from someone who didn’t attend a single ceremony. Don’t worry, there is plenty of gossip about what went down at Communique coming up courtesy of Sarah.

While you’ve got to be mindful of behaving properly and making the most of such an event you can also let loose a little. So arrive in plenty of time, try not to get completely inebriated on the surplus of booze provided, go mingle and network (because, sadly, the night isn’t just about you) and laugh politely at the comedian.

Often these events are a night of wayward chest regions straining for freedom, nervous tics making their appearance in the most public setting possible and many a false smile directed at a rival, all in the name of social niceties. When the wine is flowing and many important folk are about, is it any wonder that there’s the misguided individual falling over and nearly destroying expensive props in the process?

Don’t just take my word for it. Allow Sarah to set the scene for you:

Last year’s Communique awards ended in some hideously drunken dancing both by us and multiple clients, so we made a promise to ourselves to be more measured and restrained this time around… Lowri luckily heeded my advice to bring flats for the sunny walk across Hyde Park, last year she was remiss in trusting new heels which cut her feet open and left her with scars(!).

We made sure we turned up early and after a quick drink in the sunny outside bar headed to the Red Bar to schmooze with clients, discuss dress choices (good and bad), and catch up on their news. At about 7pm we were called to go downstairs to the Great Room where the awards are always held, and excitedly hunted down the table plan praying we didn’t end up at the back by the stairs again like last year (the worst seats in the house!). We did far better being in the middle and towards the front, although we did have the seats with the backs to the stage which made for lots of awkward back-turning on fellow diners and celebrators (apologies ApotheCom, Hayward and Zenopa ladies and gents!). It was lovely to be seated with clients where we had made many placements and a lot of success, but also that we get on with so well and could relax and have a proper laugh with them. Whilst also getting nervous on their behalf as their awards categories were called.

Dinner was served first as always and Lowri surprisingly found she could eat most of it; she is the most ridiculously fussy eater I know who last year was first introduced to smoked salmon at these very awards – yes I know, but she’s from an Island in Wales so we have to let it go. Drinks were drunk, food eaten and banter delivered from all sides. It was nice to chat to other clients in the room as well and find out what their gossip was and who they thought would win certain awards.

After dinner the awards were announced in quick-fire succession, fast photo and back to tables, no messing! The Comedian this year was Ben Miller, who unlike James Cordon and Michael McIntyre of the previous 2 years had clearly been given a very limited time to crack gags, and had been told to issue the order ‘no speeches’ and also kept any jokes in-between awards to a bare minimum, which was a shame. This probably partly due to a few new categories and what seemed to be endless awards!! His vagina clinical study joke at the start seemed to set the tone for the evening appropriately though!

Once the awards had finally been completed at about 11pm, we moved to the bar area and continued to mingle with clients, I think Helen from Hayward and I spent about 30 minutes talking about our allotment/vegetable plots much to everyone else’s amusement (/boredom!). It was nice to mix and spend time with more people, before at 12.30pm finally having to call it a night and run to catch our taxi to Paddington before it turned into a pumpkin!

We congratulate everyone who took part, the ‘highly commended’ and of course, the winners. It was another fantastic evening and we’re looking forward to the next one already 🙂

For every delighted winner, there’s always going to be a handful who didn’t quite make the cut. That’s the nature of competition, someone has to come out on top. However, that doesn’t mean the runners up weren’t simply wonderful.

A hell of a lot of work goes into the journey that ends with a red carpet. It’s a serious achievement in and of itself to make it to the shortlist and that definitely shouldn’t be forgotten. Whoever won first place has simply set the standard and you’ll be blowing that out of the water by the time awards season rolls around once again. They won’t even see it coming. Next year they’ll be the ones practising their gracious loser faces.

So a massive and hearty congratulations goes out to every single one of our clients whose hard work paid off at Communique, the Creative Floor Healthcare Awards and Cannes Lions 2015 including but certainly not limited to: Bedrock, emotive, Hayward, Just:: Health Communications, Real Science, Say Communications, Ogilvy Healthworld, Liberation Unlimited, Porter Novelli, Health Unlimited, dna, Tonic, Havas Lynx, Packer Forbes and Life.

I don’t know about you but I’m excited about seeing who will be on the podium in 2016…

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