Novartis Generates 100 New Jobs in Ireland

Novartis have announced that they will be expanding their presence in Ireland, setting up a business services centre in Dublin.

The move, which will create 100 additional jobs, will combine the digital marketing, sales force training and medical communications services for the organisation.  The centre is being established at Novartis’ existing campus in Beech Hill, Dublin, while arrangements are made for a new location in Dublin.

The company conducted a study of Europe to discover the best location for the centre and Dublin won, aided by their highly-educated workforce with pharmaceutical experience, language proficiency, in addition to accessibility and cost.

Loretto Callaghan, head of Novartis Ireland, commented that the company “takes pride in continuing to create high-quality jobs” in the country, “particularly given the current economic challenges.”

Novartis currently have a substantial presence in Ireland, employing over 1,200 people across their two Cork-based manufacturing plants and their commercial operations in Dublin.

The new positions will be within medical communications and digital marketing, as well as launching the infrastructure at the new site.


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