Novo Nordisk Increase Staff in Emerging Markets

Novo Nordisk has revealed plans to expand their treatment for diabetes in emerging markets by employing roughly 1,000 additional employees over the next two years.

Some of the emerging markets that Novo Nordisk are planning to expand in include Egypt, Vietnam, Colombia, Malaysia, Ukraine and Indonesia.

As the pharmaceutical market in Europe, for example, slows down, the organisation plans to add extra employees in the emerging markets, where growth is increasing rapidly.

The Danish company also wishes to overcome the problem that in some of the emerging market countries, diabetics can’t access treatment, as there aren’t enough specialists to write prescriptions.  To overcome this, the business is aiming to train a minimum of 10,000 physicians each year locally.

The plans were announced at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes conference in Berlin by Jesper Hoiland, head of Novo Nordisk’s international operations.  According to Hoiland, sales in Novo Nordisk’s international operations division increased by 19% in the first six months of 2012, and accounted for 15% of total revenue.

However, Novo Nordisk isn’t the only pharmaceutical company to turn to developing markets in Asia and Latin America for investments, with Sanofi agreeing to buy Colombia’s generic drugmaker Genfar earlier this week.


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