Perspectives on the Future of STEM in the UK Webinar Series

Re-Imagining Wellness Supporting Employees in their Return to Work

Thursday 20th August – 12pm – Online

In conjunction with Cpl Specialist Talent & Clinical Professionals, Cpl’s Future of Work Institute invites you to our UK based Webinar Series “Perspectives on the Future of STEM”.

The world of work is changing for every industry, no more so than STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.) As we all adapt to new ways of working there are a number of key considerations.

Throughout this webinar series, we will be interviewing experts within STEM to gain real-world insights and perspectives across a range of topics including STEM careers, women in STEM, the future of STEM fields, education and how to address the current skills gap.

These are virtual, engaging and interactive sessions designed to problem solve and provide you with practical tools and learnings.

This webinar series is a Cpl Future of Work Institute, Cpl Specialist Talent and Clinical Professionals collaboration.

Webinar 2: Re-Imagining Wellness – Supporting Employees as they Return to Work

In a post COVID world, the approach to workplace wellness will need to change. Organisations are using this time to consider how they can better support the health and well-being of their employees.

Join our next webinar discussion where our Strategic Wellness Lead, Elysia Hegarty speaks with Dr Frank O’Kelly, Clinical Psychologist Dr Annemarie O’Connor Clinical Psychologist and Wellbeing specialist Kate Flowerdew about their thoughts on the approach to workplace wellness in the UK, the rise in mental health issues and how organisations can support employees as they return to work.

What You Will Learn

In this session you will learn about:

  • Why organisations need to take a different approach to wellness
  • What this means for the future of wellness
  • The rise in mental health issues
  • What organisations can do to prepare and support employees

Elysia Hegarty, Strategic Wellness Lead

With over 15 years’ experience in Human Resource Management and the Health and Wellness Industry Elysia has combined her expertise to partner with business leaders to develop bespoke solutions for a healthy and engaged workforce.

She has worked within multiple sectors and is a lead consultant at the Future of Work Institute. She works with customers to build strategic wellness programmes that attract, engage, and retain talent.


Dr. Frank O’Kelly MB, BCh, BAO, BSc

In the UK, Dr O’Kelly has been a Clinical Assistant in Accident and Emergency at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Medical Director of Health Screening at The Evelyn Hospital Cambridge, Regional Medical Director for Nuffield Proactive Health for East and London and Lead Physician with Nuffield Proactive Health in London.

He has worked in the private sector for 19 years as a Health Assessment Physician, Medico-Legal GP expert, Australian and New Zealand Immigration Medical Examiner and an Insurance Medical Examiner.


Dr Annemarie O’Connor, Clinical Psychologist, The Mind Works and HelloSelf

Dr Annemarie O’Connor; a practising Clinical Psychologist, Clinic Director, Author and Mental Health First Aid instructor.

She has over fifteen years experience of assessing, understanding and treating a range of diagnoses and psychological difficulties. She is an active participant in movements across London to improve wellbeing and inform people about anxiety, stress and progressing health beyond recovery.


Kate Flowerdew, Wellbeing Specialist, THRIVE

Kate Flowerdew is a coaching and wellbeing specialist with over 20 years of experience from across the People and Talent sector, in both the UK and Australia.

Qualified with a diploma in Nutrition and a Masters in Business Coaching Kate is truly passionate about the impact her work has on boosting employee and leadership wellness in order to achieve organisational wellbeing.

Kate runs a series of workplace wellness and leadership workshops and coaching programmes designed to equip employees and leaders with their very own self-care tool kit and personal wellness action plan.

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