Pfizer Acquires Baxter’s Vaccines for $635m

Pfizer yesterday announced that they have agreed to purchase two of Baxter International’s commercially marketed vaccines and part of Baxter’s production facilities for $635 million.

The purchase will give Pfizer access to Baxter’s meningitis C jab NeisVac-C and FSME-IMMUN/TicoVac, a vaccine that helps protect against tick-borne encephalitis – an infection of the brain transmitted by the bite of ticks infected with the TBE-virus.

As part of the agreement, Pfizer will acquire a portion of the Baxter’s production facility in Orth, Austria, where the two vaccines they will acquire are manufactured.

Susan Silbermann, Pfizer Vaccines’ president commented that as a result of the acquisition, the company “will add two high-quality and life-saving vaccines that bring scale and depth to our portfolio.”

The transaction remains subject to all the normal closing conditions, in addition to regulatory approvals in several markets, and Pfizer noted that it shouldn’t have any impact on their 2014 financial guidance.

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