PhUSE Conference – Berlin

The 2010 conference will be in Berlin, from October 17th until October 20th.

With the explosive growth of standards, the drive to increase efficiency and reduce costs, and the development of new and complex study designs, it is in the interests of most companies and organizations to seek solutions from innovations linked to development of the latest technologies.

All five previous conferences have proven we have a lot of technology at our disposal to do our job.   In Berlin, we would like to focus on the innovative use of those technologies.

  • Innovating is doing something in a new, unexpected way but do we need brand-new technology to be innovative?
  • Will inn ovations save money and increase productivity without being extremely expensive?
  • Will they result in business transformation or can innovations be subtle?

This main theme ”Innovation driven by Technology” will run across the proceedings in Berlin.  It will be a good opportunity to look around, to look outside your own frame of reference and see what is going on in the industry, to look at innovative alternatives and to open your door a little wider and talk about how innovations are fostered in your own company.

Good choices today will lead to companies’ growth in the future, therefore discussing Innovation Driven by Technology will add benefit to all within the industry.

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Clinical Professionals will be exhibiting at stand number 11. If you would like to book a meeting time with a consultant, please email us at