RIX interview Yvette Cleland on “What are the top staffing and recruitment trends for 2020?”​

Yvette ClelandYvette Cleland, Clinical Professionals Group CEO was recently asked by RIX (Recruitment Innovation Exchange) to provide her insights on the next biggest trends for 2020 for the staffing and recruitment industry, and to provide advice to firms looking to kickstart the new year.

What industry trend is going to have the most impact for staffing and recruitment businesses in 2020?

Internal talent acquisition. It should be technology, but I doubt this will be the case. The continued growth of internal talent acquisition (TA) teams are continuing to extend times to hire. Agile businesses are capturing the best talent quickly. Furthermore salaries for TA (in order to headhunt out of agency) are very high, but it’s the low hanging/ mediocre people that transfer over. The continued growth of TA also has a major impact that is coming to the surface. Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is now about as compromised as it could be. Highly talented people are being treated as a commodity in a  talent light market.

What advice would you give to firms to capitalize on this trend?

Find the Rising Stars (new tech companies/biotech’s/start-ups) that are coming through before they get devoured by expensive TA folk who fail to deliver anything other than an extended time to hire or completely broken EVP. 

Differentiate yourself and get in with a client as a partner at an early stage (follow the money) and go on the start-up journey with your client, educate them, give them good rates for exclusive work and make sure you deliver and work closely so as not to make the biggest margin but to make the biggest impact as the partnership could lead to long-term sustainable business.

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