Roche to Invest 3 Billion Swiss Francs on Basel Site

Roche to Invest 3 Billion Swiss Francs on Basel SiteRoche has today announced new plans to spend 3 billion Swiss francs on upgrading and constructing new labs in Basel, Switzerland.

Roche have put the plans forward to invest in creating modern, sustainable workplaces for their employees based in their site in Basel, Switzerland, creating new state-of-the-art offices.

The plans include the construction of a new research centre for roughly 1,900 employees, designed with the R&D part of the organisation “to ensure that scientists’ needs are fully met.”  The project is expected to be completed between 2021 and 2022, and the new building will contain 950 offices and 950 laboratory workplaces “that meet state-of-the-art requirements.”

A new office building is also being built, which will provide space for up to 1,700 office workplaces and be 205 metres tall, bringing together employees who are currently situated across Basel.  The new office building is expected to cost 550 million francs.

700 million Swiss francs are also being invested in upgrading existing buildings and infrastructure.  This will include a logistics centre that will satisfy the latest standards for energy consumption, safety, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and other requirements

Roche’s CEO, Severin Schwan, commented that Roche “is committed long-term to Switzerland and to Basel in its dual role as corporate headquarters and one of our most important sites worldwide.”  Schwan added that the new buildings “will continue Roche’s tradition of elegant, distinctive and functional architecture.”

In 2013 the Roche Group employed over 85,000 people worldwide, invested 8.7 billion Swiss francs in R&D.

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