Sanofi Job Cuts Lower Than Expected

Sanofi LogoSanofi have revealed details regarding their intended job cuts in France which are expected to affect 900 people, and currently appear to be a lot lower than the numbers that had been rumoured.

The Paris-based organisation has announced “a project for the adaptation of its activities in France through 2015.”  They now plan to begin “information and consultation procedures” with the affected parties next month.

Specifically, the development activities in Vitry/Alfortville, Chilly-Mazarin/Longjumeau and Lyon “will continue in their current configuration,” and in the first two facilities, research work will be increased.

The Montpellier location “would progressively evolve toward a strategic centre focused on development,” the company confirmed, while the Strasbourg site would “maintain its momentum of a collaborative platform open to academic research and biotechs.”

As part of the restructuring plan, Sanofi will create a global centre of excellence in infectious diseases in Lyon.  The organisation noted that they also plan to “improve the economic performance” of the Sanofi Pasteur vaccine unit and “streamline support functions to respond to the group’s diversification and improve their efficiency.”  However, no details as to how this will be achieved have been disclosed.

Sanofi intends “to implement these adaptations mainly through voluntary measures” which could result in the reduction of 900 positions across France by 2015.  These reductions will consist of “early retirements, mobility proposals and repositioning” and the company added that “no relocation of sites or any change to the number of industrial sites is planned in France.”

As for Sanofi’s site in Toulouse, its function “remains to be specified.”  Sanofi confirmed that they have identified “potential stakeholders who could maintain the site’s scientific or technological capacity.”  Sanofi added that to “further explore all options, a working group including Sanofi representatives, national and local authorities will be created as soon as possible.”

There had previously been rumours that Sanofi was planning to lay off between 1,500 and 2,500 people, roughly 5%-7% of their French workforce.


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