Searching for summer

It’s that time of year. The sun is out (occasionally and pretty much when you’re least expecting it but this is England after all and the sun’s always been something of a shy and retiring maiden here) and so is school.

Maybe you’re still buoyed up by the wonderful weekend you just had and are ready to get cracking with another Monday morning. Perhaps the onslaught of another fraught work week is doing all it can to break your spirit. You’re tired and run down. It’s time and past to get away from it all.

But where to go? The world’s your oyster after all. This can have the nasty habit of creating new problems if you’re of a rather indecisive disposition. Like me. So let’s go through your options and with any luck we’ll arrive at the ideal solution for you.

How about a lazy holiday by the beach? Glorious sunshine, beautiful crashing waves and almost unfettered access to ice lollies. Of course you’ll have to deal with an abundance of other people’s children, sand worming its way into increasingly unmentionable places and haven’t you heard about the flocking killer seagulls out to get you and all you hold dear? And I haven’t even begun to detail all the horrors that come as part and parcel of incredible weather. Sunburn anyone?

Maybe you’re the type who simply hates sitting still when you’re away. The whole lure of going away could be wrapped up in the spirit of adventure. Exotic destinations and foreign climes are bound to warm your very soul. Try not to think too hard about the equally glamorous and bizarre wildlife prone to attack you and interesting mysterious diseases you could be picking up. All in a language you couldn’t hope to understand.

A short and sweet city break with the much needed dose of culture could be just what the doctor ordered. Playing the tourist, strolling through cobbled streets, peering at the occasional art and letting the atmosphere wash over you. And trying to forget quite how much travel it took to get there and worrying all the time that you’re missing out important hotspots. Going to Paris and failing to witness the Mona Lisa in her canvas flesh will surely haunt you for the rest of your days.

Holidays are always fraught with issues and niggles. You’re cooped up in unfamiliar surroundings with that overwhelming pressure to make the most of the small scrap of time you have. However, I have an alternative you might just be open to. A steaming mug of tea on the sofa with a good book. Your own comfy bed and no stressful travel whatsoever. Next year you’ll totally jet off to the Galapagos.

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