So what remuneration can you expect in clinical trials? Perhaps our 2018 Salary Survey will offer the answers…

It has often been remarked that the Clinical Research and Life Science industry as a whole contribute hugely to the UK economy, with over £30BN GDP and providing an estimated 480K+ jobs in 2015 which in the intervening years has continued to accelerate with substantial growth particularly seen within Biotechnology roles.

Clinical trials are undoubtedly one of the most important aspects within the life science industry and working within the clinical research field is incredibly rewarding both professionally and personally whilst always offering continued skills development and career progression. Many candidates placed by Clinical Professionals within the sector will undoubtedly agree that it can make all the difference having a career where you know that your work and progress will directly affect patients around the world for the better. Whether it is through drug development, helping to improve patient safety or contributing to an overall improvement to a patient’s overall quality of life.

But how much can you expect to earn working in the field of clinical trials?

From the Clinical Professionals 2018 Salary Survey, entry level roles such as Clinical Trials Administrators (CTA) are expected to earn a starting salary of at least £18K+ on average. A new to industry Clinical Research Associate (CRA) is more likely to have a starting salary of at least circa £30K+ and additionally a car allowance.

More senior roles such as Director of Clinical Operations and Director of Clinical Development professionals are likely to be more in an average earning range of around £100K (based on experience).

Clinical Professionals also noted in its salary survey data that the salaries within the clinical research sector as a whole (aside from CRAs, which showed a slight increase)  have largely remained stable over the past few years. However, even with the current disruption caused by Brexit and the subsequent moving of the EMA headquarters from London, working within clinical trials is still a very worthwhile career path for those looking to work within life sciences.

Clinical Professionals also identified from the 2018 salary survey data that average UK salaries are similar to last year, that participants from prior surveys that were based within the clinical research sector (including those working in clinical trials) and had over 10 years of experience working within that sector experienced their salary peaking at £55-65k but this year’s survey noted a significant increase after 16 yrs. experience where their salary rose £70-75k.

Although 46% of clinical research respondents thought that their salary reflected their level of experience, which is 8% below the average when compared to all respondents across the life sciences industry that took part in our survey.

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