Still in the dark about of IR35?

Come along and have breakfast with us, let us bring you into the light!

To aid with understanding IR35, its implications and how it could affect you as an employer, the Clinical Professionals group will be hosting a number of brief, but informative breakfast seminars on IR35 in London. Our next breakfast seminar is on the 18th of July.

“We have met over recent weeks with multiple clients, the majority of which do not have a full understanding of the implications and solutions around IR35 to ensure minimal disruption in their business, we have found our breakfast meets ups offer a seamless solution that works for clients and contractors” Yvette Cleland, Clinical Professionals Group CEO.

IR35 is the rapidly approaching tax legislation designed to identify individuals who whilst supplying their services to a client often via limited company, could in fact be deemed as an employee and subsequently should be taxed accordingly.

Effective as of April 2020, IR35 will impose tests calculated from the HMRC definition of ‘Self Employed’ in order to ascertain employment status and as to whether it is Inside or Outside of IR35, consequently failing the test will result in the contractor being viewed as working ‘Inside IR35’ meaning earnings should go through a payroll system.

When it hits, IR35 will have huge implications on client’s contract work force with the businesses who have been identified as utilising the services of the ‘disguised employee’ being liable for heavy taxation penalties. Thus the vast majority of workers who are currently on contracts which may roll past April 2020 will need to reconsider their options,  as many will ultimately be identified to fall  ‘Within IR35’.

This will re-define the contract job space as we currently know it, with roles falling outside IR35 and occupying a true HMRC defined status of  ‘Self-employed’ being few and far between, necessitating the need to utilise umbrella companies, EU working and employed contractor models.

coffee in londonWhat is included on the day:

In hosting this Breakfast Seminar, Clinical Professionals aim is to facilitate a round table discussion in which attendees from across the Life Science sector will be informed on all things IR35, ranging from what it is, what the implications of are and compliant solutions which can be implemented within an emerging Biotech through to a Global CRO.

The day will start at 8:30am and include a complimentary continental breakfast.

If you are interested in finding out more information or reserving a space, please contact Lisa Amer on 01189594990 or reach out via email to

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