Tech Upgrades for Your Job Search

webHunting for a new job role can really feel like a full time job. You’re constantly keeping an eye out for promising opportunities and feverishly polishing your CV all the while still putting in the hours at your current workplace.

The pressure felt during this frantic time is one of the reasons why the recruitment industry exists and we certainly feel we can take the weight off your shoulders. Although fielding multiple calls from several agencies probably doesn’t elevate your stress levels that much.

Outside of working with a recruiter you know and trust, in this beautifully modern age of technical wizardry, whatever problems you encounter in life there will undoubtedly be ‘an app for that’.

So here are my top tips for getting computers to do the work for you:

1. Job boards

Of course you’ve probably already thought of this one. Anyone even idly on the lookout for a new position will have trawled through one of these sites at one point or another.

However, the important thing is to play smart when it comes to searching online and make the time work for you. Don’t stick to just the one site and spread a wide net. There are plenty to choose from like Indeed, MonsterCV LibraryCareer Builder, and Reed to name but a few. Get the apps so that you can browse vacancies on the go and sign up for email notifications. You can always turn them off if you feel inundated, but make sure to utilise the search and filter options each provide to help tailor your search better to you.

2. CV Builder

We are past the era of mailing out CVs on impressively thick paper in manila envelopes (I only know about such behaviour because of that episode of Friends). Nowadays there are plenty of free tools on technologythe internet that will help you design a stunning and cohesive CV.

Aim for simple and elegant. I see a lot of CVs every day and you are not doing yourself any favours if your CV is difficult to read or understand. I’m sure I’ll get round to how to write the perfect CV so right now I’ll keep it short and sweet (like the ideal CV): keep it chronological, don’t over embellish, and emphasise skills learned during roles rather than duties done.

3. Google drive/Dropbox/Evernote

Be like Aerosmith because they don’t want to miss a thing (come on, we’ll get through the stilted and out of date pop culture references together). Even when you’re out and about you don’t want to see the perfect vacancy and be unable to apply. Sure, you can scribble the details on the back of your hand and completely forget by the time you’ve got home or scrubbed it off after a trip to the loo.

Using cloud storage means that you can always have access to important documents like your CV or portfolio. You could also use apps like Evernote for taking down significant information on the go. Even people like me, who depend on having a notebook with them everywhere they go, can recognise how helpful it is to be able to whip out one’s digital credentials at the drop of a hat.

4. Social media

Make sure that your presence online is potential employer friendly. You don’t have to stop having fun but posting how much you hate your boss and how hungover you are isn’t likely to create the best impression.

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for networking. Don’t neglect the messaging function. You can privately ask people for advice and even investigate career opportunities. There are also plenty of discussions you can get involved in, there’s even the blogging platform. What better way to raise your profile?

5. Other online support

Fine, it’s a slight cop out but sadly there’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to job searching. Also, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed or not but the internet is pretty big. It has a lot to offer in many different ways.

For example, Google maps is a handy one stop shop to help you work out whether or not a particular company is commutable, even if you’re dependent on public transport.

Websites like Glassdoor not only have job listings but employee reviews can give you a much better flavour of company culture and opportunities (provided they haven’t been posted by their marketing department that is).

What else do you need? The tech world is your oyster, so to speak!

now_hiringNeed some much needed stress relief and motivation? Try the handy app Headspace. Still needing career advice? Try the National careers service and don’t forget you can always get the personal touch with advice and client information from your handy local neighbourhood recruiter…

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