The Importance of Clinical Trials

The Importance of Clinical TrialsInternational Clinical Trials day takes place on the 20th May each year to honour the day James Lind began the first clinical trials with control groups. The trial involved 12 people who were given different dietary supplements to see the effect of their diets on scurvy.

Clinical trials are used to test new drugs and therapies on human volunteers. There are four phases of clinical trials, each aiming to address different questions on the treatment being tested. Ensuring clinical studies are conducted effectively is vital to allow the life science industry to develop new knowledge to help discover and develop treatments for different diseases.

Clinical research has progressed a long way since the initial trial conducted by James Lind in 1747, with multiple regulations being applied to clinical trials to create a standard procedure focused on balancing medical progress and patient safety.

However, there are still challenges affecting the future integrity of the clinical trial process. One of these pressing issues is the continual upward trend in turnover of both CRO and pharmaceutical core staff. This could potentially impact the future integrity of clinical trials together with perpetuating the continual rise in drug development costs.

To respond to this issue and protect the future of clinical trials, Clinical Professionals recently launched their Training Academy, which identifies, fully funds and trains the most talented Life Sciences University Graduates before deploying them into “first to industry” clinical trial roles.

Following from the success of the initial Training Academy, Nikki Harrison, who runs Clinical Professionals’ Training Academy, commented that:
‘Clinical Professionals’ unique and ground breaking Training Academy was an amazing experience for all involved. The phenomenal candidates worked intensively across two weeks to emerge as fully trained entry level Clinical Trial Administrators. To see the our “Trainees” grow more confident over the two week modular course and begin to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of clinical research was a very humbling experience. The Candidates are now fully trained and prepared for their first roles as Clinical Trial Administrators and we are excited to see them forge their careers in the world of Clinical Research.’

The Training Academy is fully funded by Clinical Professionals as a service to the Life Sciences industry, allowing highly competent and talented trainees take their first step into industry. To find out more about the Training Academy, please click on the link below:

Clinical Professionals Training Academy

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