The Training Academy

Sept_Training_AcademyThe Academy as first launched at the end of 2014 as a service to the Life Science industry within the UK. Clinical Professionals have identified a lack of newly trained candidates to fill the abundance of entry level roles within the industry, in particular, the Clinical Drug Development area. 85% of core functions in clinical trials are now being outsourced and there is an absence of any graduate programs offered by CRO’s and Pharma. If this issue is not resolved the diminishing talent pool will reach a crisis point, leading to a detrimental effect on the industry as a whole. Cost to industry will significantly increase as a declining workforce demand higher salaries which means higher costs to both insourced and outsourced models.

As a result Clinical Professionals envisioned The Academy to take a pro-active role in bringing a solution to the ever growing issue. The Graduate Academy is designed to identify, fully fund and train the most talented Life Science Graduates during an intensive, 22 modular, 2 week course. In order to get the best selection of candidates possible for The Graduate Academy, applicants go through a rigorous selection process involving submitting a CV, telephone interview and then an assessment day. This is to ensure that only the highest calibre of candidates participate in the training. The course is designed to quip them with appropriate knowledge of the Clinical Research Industry and provide an overview of the CRA role to assist their knowledge. The classroom aspect is delivered over the two weeks and involves lecture style training, workshops, role play and discussion forums. DSCF6165

Each candidate participating in The Academy is provided with classroom and on the job training within Clinical Professionals.

After course completion, each candidate undergoes an interview process with a client company, and once placed will be supported and mentored by a member of the contracts and development team at Clinical Professionals. These mentors are not only the course trainers but have extensive experience within the clinical research industry over a number of areas including pharmaceuticals and the NHS. During the placement candidates will be employed by Clinical Professionals. We work hard to ensure transparency with the client and employee but also allows a deeper level of support for the employee as they will be fully developed with the CP team and in some cases also with the client company. This all adds to a smooth, successful transition into the industry.

Working together with the graduates and Client Company, there is the possibility of progressing onto a further CRA Academy after 12 months we work with the graduates to progress them towards the CRA course.

“The Graduate Academy at Clinical Professionals was a fantastic opportunity for me, when I heard that a grad scheme like this was available for young individuals aspiring to get into clinical research I jumped at the chance and was fortunate to of been offered a position. The course equipped me with the appropriate knowledge to kick start my career within the pharmaceutical industry. The program encompassed lecture style training along with workshops and discussions. Modules include ICH-GCP, Regulatory and Ethics guidelines, Essential documentation, Patient recruitment and the structure of a clinical trial. I found the course very engaging with a friendly learning atmosphere. The Graduate Academy was very intensive but the training that was provided was from highly experienced professionals within the industry so they could really give me an insight into what is out there in pharma.”

Kane Arical, successfully completed The Academy and is currently working within the Pharmaceutical industry as a Clinical Trial Administrator.

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