Time and Past for a Party

Being British, we are famed across the globe for maintaining that stiff upper lip and keeping all manner of emotion safely bottled up inside. However, we do need to be able to recognise achievement and what better way to do so than with some sincere celebration? So, here’s your pocket sized guide to the world of fun.

Why are you celebrating?

Depending on your mood, it can be a little difficult to poke around in your psyche for reasons to be joyous. But when it comes down to it, celebrating tends to be about victory in some shape or form.

Perhaps you’ve had an awesome day at work, tied off in the neatest of bows by a momentous business win. Or had landed a new client or contract you’d been after for so long, which was just what you needed to make Friday fabulous.

Here are some reasons why we are celebrating in the office today to give you a better idea:

  • New car
  • New house
  • New job
  • Birthday round the corner
  • Awesome new outfit to wear on a night out
  • Getting out of a bad relationship or getting deeper into an excellent one
  • Favourite team has won at sport
  • Been retweeted by Terry Gilliam
  • It’s actually sunny for once

Or simply because you feel like it, I’m sure there are more but that really ought to tide you over for now.

How are you going about it?

Everyone has their own way of celebrating. Some of them can be strikingly similar though, for instance I expect all of you reading this know exactly where the nearest pub is from your work place! However the key to good and memorable festivities is to have the celebration fit with the event or reasoning behind it. For example congratulating someone for finally giving up drinking with a round of shots may not go as well as you’d intended…

In our office when someone makes a fee (the raison d’être of the business after all) we indulge in a Mexican wave. Gets us in the party mood before nipping down the pub. And guess who’s buying?

Obviously now I need to produce a list of ways to celebrate because I can’t quite trust your powers of creativity (and SLAM, go me, go me):

  • Go out for food
  • Do a happy dance – possibly do the worm
  • Put on your favourite album at an obnoxiously loud volume
  • Take a mini-break
  • Imbibe some alcohol

And why not spread the word of your awesomitude? Shout it to the rafters, throw an epic slamming party and of course, post it on all your social media feeds (it’s not bragging – how will your achievement even count for anything if you don’t document it?).

However just be cautious of any snaps that get shared on the social networks, last thing you want is an embarrassing drunk photo surfacing early on a Monday morning!

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